Like most people, I spend a lot of my day focused on getting by, trying to connect the dots in a life where there are far too many of them. But once I have a camera in my hand, everything changes: suddenly, I see the world around me. And I mean, really see it: its intricacy, its wonder, its poignance. Its beauty.

What’s incredible is that spark is hidden everywhere in our world: there is beauty everywhere. Things built and crafted with skilled hands bent on manifesting it. Human stories of depth, history, hope, tragedy, meaning. Natural landscapes with grandeur, timelessness, and surprising intimacy. Raw color, action and emotion it’s hard to believe actually exist on our planet.

If beauty is the infinite hidden in the finite, the glimmer of complexity, depth, connection and even perfection glowing inside whatever you see in front of you, then a good image crops out the distraction and captures the microsecond that glimmer comes out to play. What goes into every one of these images is my obsession with revealing it. To feel its truth and its story and capture it before it’s gone forever, as it always is.

I’m not a specialist, which I get isn’t a genius marketing strategy. And specialists who’ve really nailed their speciality always awe me (one of my favorite subjects to shoot, actually!). But the world is wide, and the people in it nearly infinite: why not keep exploring? I think that tireless sense of curiosity cross-pollinates everything I shoot, and as a result, enriches every corner of my portfolio. Hire me for how I see, and only then for what I’ve seen.

I hope you like what you see. And if you really do, let’s make something together.

Photo by Michael Jones